professional logo designLogo designers are more than just graphic artists or talented designers. Our logo designers are all college trained with a Bachelor’s degree in commercial design. When you trust someone with helping you to create your brand you’ll appreciate the fact that we are more than just good at drawing pictures. We consider the big picture; this is much more than just a logo design, its your branding.

Before we begin a logo design project we think about how that logo will be used. We consider all of the marketing materials you’ll need.

For example you may have a website, brochure, TV commercial, social media marketing programs and you’ll want a logo that will look good no matter where it is used.

Logos can be designed in cmyk colors or spot colors. Our logo designers may use cmyk or spot colors depending upon various factors. We would discuss this you in the beginning so that problems don’t come up later. Both formats are perfectly valid and one is not better than the other.

Since our office is located in Hollywood Florida we have many clients from the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all parts of South Florida.