Law Office Logo Design

law office logo designlaw office logo designLaw office logo design is going to be with your law firm for a number of years. We want to give your law office a totally unique look to help you to stand out from the competition. That’s why we never use pictures of judge’s gavels or the scales of justice. We designed this logo for a law firm that specializes in yacht transactions. You may be wondering why we didn’t use a little picture of a yacht or something that would indicate what type of law office logo design this is supposed to be. If we used any boat clip art it would just look amateur and lose the professionalism the law office is trying to portray.

We also used the logo when we designed their website and when we designed their tri-fold brochures. Since the clients of this law office were all very wealthy yacht owners we made the brochure something unique that their clients would appreciate. The outside back of the brochure is wider than the pages and a band wraps around the brochure holding the pages closed. There is a small glue dot holding the band closed so that the brochure first has to be opened before anyone can read the brochure. We believe most people don’t take the time to read brochures. We wanted people to just see the brochure and make the assumption that this law firm must be very professional and good at what they do.

When you view the law office logo design by itself you might think it is too simple. Once you see the logo on the brochure then you realize that it works perfectly. If we would have added a drawing of a yacht, scales of justice or a judge’s gavel we would have ruined the design. There is elegance and beauty in simple design.