Law Firm Logo Design

law firm logo designlaw firm logo designLaw firm logo design may look boring or too simple. It is normal to have simple clean lines without any fancy icons that might be used in some other type of logo design. Lawyers want their law firm logo to look businesslike and professional not fun or festive. For that reason we typically keep logo design for attorneys very simple. We designed this logo for The Denman Law Firm and used it in producing business cards, letterhead and the law-firm website.

When the logo is viewed on the website with the gray background behind the logo then the simple elegance is much more obvious. We don’t like to make logos that try to explain what the law firm is about. That would be like a bank making a logo that looks like bags with dollar signs on them or a logo that looks like a vault. That’s also why you can’t look at this logo and tell that this law firm did work with elder law. The logo would have been ruined and would have looked like a cartoon if we added a drawing of an elderly couple.

We make brochures and websites that tell the story of what a business is all about. It is never the job of the logo to explain what the business does. We never use generic symbols such as the scales of justice or the gavel because there is nothing unique about that. You don’t need to hire a professional logo design company if you are going to use clip art for your logo. The cheapest way to get a logo is to walk into an office supply store and go to the department where they print business cards. In that department they have the clip art book and they will let you pick the gavel you like best.

When you hire us everything we do is 100% custom designed just for you and you won’t see it on any other website.