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professional logo design

We are a professional logo design studio located in South Florida. Just 1 minute East of I-95 on Hollywood Boulevard we are easy to find from Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Broward. Of course we can come to you with an online meeting by Skype. You can be located anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world and we can custom design a logo for your business.

A logo must be recognizable and memorable and nothing more. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your logo designers must come up with some logo that tells everyone what your business is all about. We have brochures, websites, social media and TV advertising to tell people about your business. Your logo only needs to be something that people can remember and differentiate from other logos. Our logo designers all have a four year degree in graphic design and they will create a great logo for you at a reasonable price.


professional logo design professional logo design professional logo design professional logo design


Latest News

Did you know that your business can use Google Earth to promote your brand with a new professional logo design? Today we are seeing more businesses painting their logo and marketing messages on their rooftops. As people fly by in commercial airliners they see the logos. This is an interesting and fun site to see from the air.

Who would have thought that looking out the window of an aircraft would put logos in front of you? Marketing and branding is everywhere we look.

professional logo designThe national retail store Target paints their roofs with their logo. They are taking branding and name recognition to new heights! They want us to see their logo so often that when we think about buying something we will think about their store.

Your logo may not be seen from aircraft flying by but it will be on business cards, brochures and your website. See what our professional logo designers can do for you!